"One of the versions of the versions"

Pause the sitcom in which we are perceived ourselves. Who are you now?

Break up a kaleidoscope of mental chimeras, civilized memo viruses, interpretations of cute simulacra, and such "useful" abstract constructions as money, rights and civil liberty.

What's left? What will happen to you next?

A person is a unit of life. The radiance of energy has detached us, it has resolved itself in us as in one of the infinite versions of itself, and it will take us back.

So what have we done for these 60 thousand years, when the primate came out of Africa with such specific species (I call them toys) as language, self-identification, consciousness, qualia? Then the organ of experience – the brain - was activated. Thus the transition from rest to movement was made. We have become a conscious unit of the living. Suddenly, an inner voice was activated, and unbearably we became lonely and bored. We became afraid to live without meaning and purpose, because death is the only guaranteed biological point in the system of ontological coordinates. Therefore, we launched the process of self-identification and language leisure in order to learn our (exclusively human area of reality) mental field through images and narratives. And immediately we began to use these mechanisms, to produce benefits – our main justification for deception and greed. Language is now designed to transform people into a product.

Human is a multi-layered cocoon of many hierarchically structured constructions. Of course, it does not matter in what rags the shell is wrapped, how much paper is in the pockets of these rags and how many cylinders move it around the stone ball. Globalization is pasted on the eyelids, a mortgage is attached to the top of the head, a clip is inserted in the ears, and a political system is inserted into the sphincter. Our tribe is fighting hard. Guile is our essence by definition. We are spreading further and further across the space, border after border, like cockroaches. Not being able to look out of several dimensions.

The human power of a mind has made it possible to be aware of our experience, the result of imagination supported by faith. These attempts are myths, religions, mysticism, or science or art. At the same time, science is still the only venture that studies those concepts that we think and hope are really referential to existing in the real world, that is, artificial, not created by our mind, such as the photon or the singularity.

However, many structural fundamental problems should be solved in the abstract. So in modern quantum physics, in order to go beyond the usual system of coordinates and rules of perception, in order to perceive an idea, it is sometimes necessary to first part even with logic, accept the absurd, and then find a pattern.

Art (as an abstract idea) is a helper in attempts to learn the truth, which is hardly possible to know. I don't know. However, in my opinion, abstract art is a separate method of learning and a tool-receiver that reads information from objective reality, as if it captures impressions, captures wave flashes of a multidimensional object in signs, as if the mirror wing reflects the spatial and temporal essence of being. A painting (canvas) for an artist is a flat cartridge, paints and brush are mediums, with the help of which artist transfers the idea of a multidimensional viscous and undulating world to the form of a two-dimensional print. In order to get an abstract daguerreotype of the idea, the artist (in the broad sense of the word - a scientist, a philosopher, a writer and a musician) bravely jumps off a cliff into the Unknown. He will have to repeatedly split the numerous covers of self-identification, refuse to impose structures and disappear in the vibrating Energy. Perhaps this is also an illusory invention of my ego and psyche. However, I trust my intuition and imagination. I believe that they are embedded in us by evolution at the level of protoplasm as clues.

The desire for knowledge is our basic essence, we adjust our settings to switch to the best mode of receiving and processing information. At the same time, I see the current state of things as this: we lack something fundamental, perhaps, to be reborn into a more conscious being. For example, another two or three organs of perception – whether it is an additional part of the brain, iron or perhaps an immaterial "device". Suddenly we need to go deaf, blind, dry out the brain, stay in the Void to enable the immaterial process of knowledge, merge with the vibrating luminous broth, turning into a permanent singularity (words are very limited here), where we will be "greeted with warm embraces by them".

What should we do while the organ is being formed? My opinion is to become mentally healthy (to be treated for the disease of being God) and learn, to accept ourselves as we are with all our ugly actions, to accept our insidious weak and suffering nature and to build values based on previous virtues, and to create new, better, but not idealistic ones.